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Yalumba's signature wines

Publish Date: 05 Jul 2017

Authored by: Halliday Promotion

For more than 50 years, Barossa winery Yalumba has been honouring its colleagues, friends and family by featuring their signature on one of their most celebrated cabernet sauvignon and shiraz blends.

From founders to winemakers, gardeners, marketers and cellar staff, the people who have made a significant contribution to Barossa winery Yalumba receive a special honour each year. Since the inaugural 1962 Yalumba The Signature Cabernet Sauvignon & Shiraz, the wine has carried the signature of these employees, friends and family, taking pride of place on the label.

Once known as the Yalumba Special Reserve Stock Galway Vintage Claret, The Signature perhaps owes its metamorphosis to former Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies. In 1965, Yalumba’s managing director Wyndham Hill-Smith witnessed a speech by the Prime Minister in which he exclaimed the 1961 vintage of their claret was the best Australian red he had tasted. Wyndham seized on the honour and promptly reinvented their 1962 vintage as The Signature Series. The debut release proudly carried the signature of winery founder Samuel Smith and the tradition continues to this day.

Today, the wine is made from 100 per cent Barossa fruit, blending the region’s lean and elegant cabernet sauvignon with its rich, voluptuous shiraz. The resulting wine is deep, complex and brooding, made for contemplation and with longevity in mind; it has the tannin and acid structure to cellar well for at least 20 years. The family-owned winery is especially proud that this wine, which sits within their Rare & Fine collection, embodies friendship and their core values of sincerity, integrity, humility and honour.

Yalumba has long recognised the beauty that comes from combining these two varietals – they have been blending them since the late 1800s. Fifth-generation custodian Robert Hill-Smith describes the combination as creating a full-bodied dry red with a firm finish. It’s these traits and so much more that have been showcased in The Signature Cabernet Sauvignon & Shiraz for so long, and it is now one of several wines made in this very Australian style that sit within the winery’s collection.

2013 Yalumba The Signature Cabernet Sauvignon & Shiraz

James Halliday says: The alcohol may be modest, but that's where this line of enquiry ends. It's powerful, it wears a Driza-Bone and RM Williams boots, and isn't prepared to debate this characterisation at all. We could go down to the pub and, suitably fortified, settle things out the back.

RRP $63 | 2033 | Yalumba

Yalumba is a founding member of Australia’s First Families of Wine (AFFW), one of 12 family-owned and run wineries. For all details, visit and follow @yalumbawine on Instagram.

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