What I'm Drinking...

1983 Jaboulet Crozes Hermitage

Publish Date: 12 Dec 2014

Authored by: James Halliday

The level in the bottle was good, the cork not so, breaking and crumbling despite my imprecations. The colour is now developed, but well within expectations, tending towards brick on the edge, yet retaining depth. The bouquet and palate are both very much alive and well, offering a mix of spices, a hint of pepper, and fruit that started off in a red spectrum before moving more to savoury, darker notes on the back-palate and finish.

The tannins are the best feature of the wine, fine, but providing line and structure. I have a few more bottles, and must remember to get around to tackling one or two more before the wine goes past its use-by date. A complete fillet steak was the inspiration, although I only filched a cut, appropriately succulent.

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