What I'm Drinking...

2012 Cloudy Bay Te Wahi

Publish Date: 31 Aug 2015

Authored by: James Halliday

I'm drinking this from the new Riedel glass specifically designed for Central Otago Pinot Noir. It's a big glass, and certainly stands up to the power and depth of the Cloudy Bay. It (the glass) is like a giant tulip, with a large surface area at its midpoint, but then narrowing very significantly at the top, guiding the wine into the centre of the mouth, the rim protruding inside the corners of the mouth, a somewhat strange sensation. It certainly enhances the bouquet, and equally captures the profound depth and richness of the wine.

Intrigued by all this, I switched the wine to a standard Riedel Burgundy glass, and discovered that the circumference at the top was little different to that of the Central Otago glass. This in turn led me to look more closely at the shape of the latter glass, and realise that it does in fact have a slightly outward curve (what else, I realise, having described it as a tulip shape) and the way the wine enters the mouth is different. So the question is unanswered for the time being. I'm going to a Felton Road tasting on 27 August, which may provide a second look, and I should have the odd bottle of older Felton Road in the cellar, and if I can find one, I'll run a further taste trial.

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