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Salomon Pfaffenberg Riesling 2011

Publish Date: 23 Jan 2015

Authored by: James Halliday

Gruner veltliner is Austria's most important white grape, but riesling has always been grown in the country, and is in an admittedly distant second place. This is based on area under vine, not any reflection of the quality of the two varieties, each of which can produce outstanding wines, not infrequently grown adjacent to each other. The Salomon Undhof (winery) is among the most highly regarded of the thousands of producers in the country.

The 2011 Salomon Pfaffenberg is a beautiful wine, with a level of extract not dissimilar to the wines of Alsace, but with finer structure and acidity, and able to carry low levels of residual sugar with remarkable lightness of foot. There is none of the white pepper that gruner veltliner has, lime/citrus the core flavour. A treat with home-made choux pastry fish pie.

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