What I'm Drinking...

1993 Marzieno

Publish Date: 06 Mar 2015

Authored by: James Halliday

With home-made lamb shashlicks, I was inspired in my wine choice by having, literally minutes before, researched and written material about two Tuscan grape varieties (canaiolo nero and mammolo). True, Marzieno comes from Christina Geminiana across the hill from Tuscany in Umbria, but it is certainly a central Italian friend. 

This is my last bottle of the wine that I've had since it arrived in the country around 1995, and has simply got better and better. Instead of losing its glorious plush fruit, it seems to have added layers with rich, dark plum fruit woven through with all manner of dark spices, and rounded off with velvety tannins, a dark chocolate reprise on the aftertaste. I'm perfectly certain it will still be fresh with another 10 years.

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