Maipenrai Vineyard & Winery

New South Wales | Canberra District

Our Review

What a story this is, far too rich for just a few lines. It begins at Harvard, in 1992-93, where American-born Brian Schmidt and (now) wife (Australian) Jennifer Gordon were both working on their PhDs. Brian is presently a Laureate Fellow at the Australian National University's Mount Stromlo Observatory and in 2011 won the Nobel Prize for Astronomy. Prior to emigrating to Canberra in '95, he had formed a research team of 20 astronomers on five continents who used distant exploding stars to trace the expansion of the universe back in time; between then and now he has been awarded a constellation of awards and fellowships, undeterred by the tragic destruction of Mount Stromlo in the Canberra bushfires of '03. In 1999 he and Jennifer purchased a property with a beautiful sloped hillside, and planted six clones of pinot noir; he was 33 at the time, and figured that by the time he was ready to retire, the vineyard would be well and truly into the prime of its life. An astronomer's view indeed. A 0.1ha trial of ultra-close spaced shiraz and viognier is underway. -JAMES HALLIDAY



Winemaker Brian Schmidt
Established 2000
Dozens 400
Vineyards (area) 1.1 ha
Viticulturist N/A
Opening Hours Not
Address 1516 Sutton Road, Sutton, NSW 2620 (postal)
Telephone (02) 8588 1217