Left of Centre

New South Wales | Hunter Valley

Our Review

Left of Centre has nothing to do with Nick and Sarah Connaughton's political beliefs; rather it is intended to reflect the simple philosophy of buying fruit from the best vineyards and making the best possible wine because they believe in the old adage that great wine starts in the vineyard. Collectively, they have 20 vintages of experience, starting in the Hunter Valley in 1996 (Sarah, straight out of school to Parker Wines) and Nick in 2004 (spending six years working for Peter Lehmann before moving to the Hunter Valley for the '09 vintage). In the interim Sarah gained years of experience in the lower and upper Hunter before moving to the lure of the wine world with Wine Planet and Vintage Cellars, thereafter working vintages at a roll call of honour in SA. They truly have all the bases covered.


Rating Not Rated
Winemaker Nick and Sarah Connaughton
Established 2013
Dozens 250
Vineyards (area) N/A
Opening Hours Not
Address 98 Bolwanna Park Drive, Bolwannah, NSW 2320 (postal)
Telephone 0414 595 239
Website www.leftofcentrewines.com.au