Cantina Abbatiello

South Australia | Adelaide Zone

James' Review

Luca Abbatiello was born and raised in a small village in the south of Italy. ‘Vagabondo' means nomad, and as he grew up the wanderlust took hold, wine and food remaining important wherever he went. And while he worked for Michelin-starred restaurants in England (where he first headed), he says he still missed the homemade food of Italy. This led him and his partner to move to Australia in 2014, gravitating to Adelaide. Here he found the family food that he had missed, and a work environment full of opportunities. The most recent of those has been the creation of his virtual winery Cantina Abbatiello. Luca believes minimum human intervention in the vineyard and skilful winemaking processes produce the best wines.


Welcome to Cantina Abbatiello.

The two generations of Abbatiello’s which form this family run business have through the bond of family values, home-style hospitality and of course, staunch Italian identity, have forged what we see in Cantina Abbatiello today.

After landing in Australian shores, the family has imported their culturally engrained and passionate love for food, wine and laughter....
The only love greater than the love of wine is the love of family and indeed, to the family, each bottle to the table is the single most genuine expression of hospitality having the potential in every drop to make each moment magical and of course memorable.

The grapes are sourced entirely from South Australia regions due to their similarities to Italian terroirs.

Cantina Abbatiello - A fun loving new adventure created by sourcing locally grown grapes from the finest hills set upon Adelaide. Promising quality grapes from a local family owned vineyard with a heritage and stories to follow.

We welcome you 'VAGABONDO' the bottle of strength, warmth and love from our family to yours.



Winemaker Adam Hooper (Contract)
Established 2016
Dozens 300
Vineyards (area) N/A
Opening Hours Not
Address 90 Rundle Street, Kent Town, SA 5067 (postal)
Telephone 0421 200 414
Website N/A