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1847 Wines is wholly owned by Chinese group Treasure Valley Wines. The year is when Barossa pioneer Johann Gramp planted his first vines in the region; there is in fact no other connection between Gramp and the business he established and that of 1847 Wines, other than the fact that the 80ha estate is in the general vicinity of Gramp's original plantings. A 1000t winery was built in 2014, handling the core production together with new varieties and blends. This was underpinned by the acquisition of Chateau Yaldara in '14, providing a major retail outlet and massively enhanced production facilities. Exports to the US, Canada, Germany, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.


At 1847 Yaldara Wines, every parcel is handled gently and individually to ensure the inherent potential of the fruit is realised. Best practice viticulture is adhered to ensure a legacy of sustainability and longevity for generations to come. Beginning in the vineyard, we use only the gentlest techniques in the pursuit of crafting Australia’s definitive wine styles. Our winemakers draw inspiration from the great terroirs of the world with the aim to produce wines that capture provenance in every bottle.

Château Yaldara
Our home is the iconic Château Yaldara, near the southern Barossa town of Lyndoch. Hermann Thumm founded Château Yaldara in 1947 after he migrated to Australia from Europe. The chateau was named ‘Yaldara’ after the local aboriginal word meaning ‘sparkling’. The site chosen for the winery was on the banks of the North Para River at a flax mill dating back to 1867. Today, we keep his vision alive with estate grown, hand-crafted wines, locally-produced artisan foods and a truly Barossan visitor experience. Château Yaldara’s beautiful riverside restaurant, offers relaxed all-day dining with a selection of dishes for any appetite.


1847 Wines
The origins of 1847 Wines begin with Bavarian immigrant Johann Gramp, who in 1847 planted the first commercial vineyard in the Barossa Valley. Gramp chose the Rowland Flat sub-region of the Barossa Valley to plant his first patch of just under two hectares of vines. The vines flourished and led to the production of his first vintage in 1850. To this day, Gramp’s original Rowland Flat property remains at the heart of 1847 Wines’ estate vineyards. 1847 Wines has grown to encompass 80 hectares (200 acres) of estate vineyards in the diverse Rowland Flat sub-region, that are the source of the majority of the vintner’s premium wine portfolio inspired by Johann Gramp’s pioneering spirit.

Yaldara Wines
The philosophy behind the Yaldara Wine Collection stems from its founder Hermann Thumm who first started crafting Barossa Wines in 1947. One of the region's first boutique winemakers, Thumm pushed the boundaries of Australia winemaking through his appetite for experimentation of wine techniques, styles and blends. Today, we embrace this approach through the crafting of balanced, structural wines that showcase the premium South Australian wine regions of the Barossa, Adelaide Hills, Eden Valley and McLaren Vale.

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Open daily from 10.00am to 5.00pm.
Closed on Good Friday, Christmas Day & Boxing Day.
Winery tours can be arranged by appointment.


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Hermann’s offers a rustic dining experience, where texture, balance and purity of flavour are showcased through some of the Barossa’s finest natural produce. Our menu encompasses a seasonal blend of traditional and contemporary dishes, matched with our award winning wines. Contact us on 08 8524 0250 or restaurant@1847wines.com


Rustic & Contemporary


Sun: 11:00am till 3:00pm
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1847 Wines is distributed directly throughout China through our own stores. www.1847wines.cn for further information


Winemaker Chris Coulter, Gabriel Morgan
Established 1947
Dozens 50 000
Vineyards (area) 100 ha
Opening Hours 7 days 10-5
Address Chateau Yaldara, Hermann Thumm Drive, Lyndoch, SA 5351
Telephone (08) 8524 0200
Website www.1847wines.com