Bangor Vineyard

Tasmania | Southern Tasmania

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Bangor Vineyard’s story starts in 1830, when John Dunbabin, convicted of horse stealing, was transported to Van Diemen’s Land. Through sheer hard work he earned his freedom and bought his own land, paving the way for five generations of farming at Bangor. Today it is a 6200ha property on the Forestier Peninsula in one of the most southerly parts of Tasmania, with 5100ha of native forest, grasslands and wetlands, and 35km of coastline. Both Matt and Vanessa Dunbabin have PhDs in plant ecology and plant nutrition, putting beyond question their ability to protect this wonderful property – until 2000ha were burnt in the 2013 bushfires that devastated their local town of Dunalley and surrounding areas. They established a cellar door in partnership with Tom and Alice Gray from Fulham Acquaculture, also badly affected by the fires. Hence the Bangor Vineyard Shed was born. The vineyard is planted to 1.5ha each of pinot noir and pinot gris, and 1ha of chardonnay. A host of very well made and sensibly prices wines mark a welcome return to the Companion.


Come and visit us at Bangor Vineyard Shed, an award-winning Cellar Door and Restaurant, overlooking the vineyard and the water beyond. Our family has built this special place to share our wine and premium Tasmanian produce with you. Pop in for a tasting and a glass of wine, enjoy a relaxed lunch. Bangor is all about fine wine, fresh local produce, sweeping views, and a warm rural welcome that’ll make you want to stay awhile.

At a latitude of 42(deg)53(mins) south, Bangor's vineyard is one of the most southerly in Tasmania, and the world. This makes it a true cool climate site, and we manage our vineyard to produce premium quality, cool climate wine.

We are a small family vineyard. We planted our first 3 hectares in 2010, and our fourth hectare in 2014. Our grapevines are hand tended by us, and all our grapes are handpicked.

We grow Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay, grape varieties that are well suited to our cool climate site. More than likely you'll come across a sixth-generation Dunbabin while you're here.


Winemaker Tasmanian Vintners
Established 2010
Dozens 2000
Vineyards (area) 4 ha
Opening Hours 7 days 11-5
Address 20 Blackman Bay Road, Dunalley, Tas 7177
Telephone 0418 594 362