Hesperos Wines

Western Australia | Margaret River

James' Review

Founded by Swiss-born chef Jurg Muggli and partners, Hesperos has planted 6.2 ha of mixed varieties on phylloxera and drought-resistent root stocks. The vines are close-planted, and the vineyard is run with minimal irrigation, the aim being to grow smaller berries with an increased ratio of grape skins to juice, increasing the flavour in the process. Muggli owned a restaurant in Switzerland in his early 20s, and this has left him with a chef's eye for quality ingredients, and says, 'My background reminds me how we were able to improve our recipes every day, sometimes depending on the mood of the hour. As a winemaker we are cooking once a year in big pots for thousands of people.' Exports to Japan, Switzerland and Germany.


This winery is now closed.

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