Hidden Valley Forest Retreat

Western Australia | Margaret River

James' Review

John and Sally Glover settled on this secluded property over 15 years ago, growing table grapes, and also establishing five eco lodges scattered through the 60ha property. None is within sight of any others thanks to the mini-valleys, and typical Margaret River trees and shrubs. The decision to diversify led to the planting of 1.2ha of cabernet sauvignon and 0.7ha of sauvignon blanc, the first vintage of cabernet following in 2010, sauvignon blanc in '11.


Winemaker Bernie Stanlake
Established 2010
Dozens 400
Vineyards (area) 1.9 ha
Opening Hours Not
Address 162 Haag Road, Carbunup River, WA 6280
Telephone (08) 9755 1066
Website www.yourhiddenvalley.com