2014 Best red wines under $20

Rose: Roses come in many shapes and hues, sometimes bits and pieces of leftover wines or grapes, the best made from the ground up, as is this one.

Pinot Noir: Needless to say, the best pinots are over $20, indeed well over, which only serves to underline the value for money offered by these three lovely Yarra Valley pinots.

Shiraz and blends: As was the case from the last two years’ selections, from seven regions spread across three states, all but one of the wines 14.5% alcohol or less.

Cabernet Sauvignon and blends: Straight (100%) cabernet sauvignons and cabernet merlot blends hold no surprises, other than the unambiguously good news of their prices.

Other Reds and blends: Three wines attesting to Australia’s diversity of terroirs and varieties.

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