Top 100 Wines 2017

Disclaimer: I wish it to be known I have written this year’s Top 100 without any knowledge of any of the advertising placed in conjunction with this article by retailers, wineries, or any other wine-related business.

Australian wine is thriving and you, the wine lover, have more to be excited about than ever before. Selected from more than 1000 submissions, James Halliday's 2017 Top 100 celebrates some of the nation's best red, white and sparkling wines, with a few Champagnes thrown in for good measure. Starting at $13 and rising to $450, you'll find a wine here for every budget and occasion.

“Australian wine is in a good place, whether you are a grapegrower, a winemaker, a retailer, a sommelier or, most importantly, a wine drinker...” Read James Halliday's full introduction to this year's Top 100 Wines, including the current state of play, investment in the industry and the demand for Australian wines overseas.

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