Must-haves for wine lovers

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Get the jump on your gift list this season with these innovative wine accessories from Boyd and Co – or maybe just treat yourself.

From wine aerators and chillers to openers and preservers, high-quality wine accessories have been the focus at Boyd and Co for more than 20 years. 

Garry and Nerida are the wine enthusiasts behind the business, who enjoy tasting a wide range of wines and visiting wineries. “Our love for wine came during a trip to South Australia, where friends introduced us to their fine wine dinners and took us to the Barossa, McLaren Vale and Langhorne Creek regions,” Garry says. 

From there, the duo's passion for wine has only grown, which means they know exactly what people need and want when it comes to wine accessories. Since the pair took over the family business seven years ago, they have sourced a range of innovative products, so their extensive range has evolved to offer many quality tools that help to enhance the enjoyment of wine.

Get to know the six must-have wine accessories below. 

CorkPops Legacy1. The easy way to open a bottle 
The CorkPops Legacy promises you’ll never break another cork. With a built-in foil cutter, insert the Legacy’s needle straight through the cork, press once and the cork safely pops out. The patented cork ejector and easy-to-grip rubber finish make opening wine easy. This is the perfect gift for the wine connoisseur.  
RRP $79.95 (black), $89.95 (copper) | Find out more

Nicholas VinOair Aerator2. The aeration solution
Proper aeration of wine is a vital step for pouring the perfect glass of wine. And the Nicholas VinOair Aerator minimises splashes and stains that come from pouring without an aerator. Simply place the aerator onto the mouth of the wine bottle and pour as normal, creating perfectly oxygenated wine in seconds. The VinOair Premier is also available, with a gravity lid, carry case and filter. 
RRP $37.50, Premier $69.95 | Find out more

Nicholas Collection VinOice3. Two in one 
Whether you're after a chilled glass of pinot gris or a room-temperature cabernet, the Nicholas Collection VinOice is both a wine chiller and pourer in one. Serving wine at its optimum temperature is made easy thanks to this clever design from Cork Pops, which features a chill rod to cool the wine – pop it in the freezer two hours before using – and a pourer that eliminates drips. 
RRP $69.95 | Find out more

DescorJet Champagne Opener4. Elevate your next bottle of bubbles 
Add a touch of luxury to your next bottle of bubbles with the DescorJet Champagne Opener. You still get the satisfying ‘pop’ but without the hassle and danger of traditional opening. Simply remove the foil and wire, place the opener over the cork, push down onto the neck of the bottle, and squeeze the handle to extract the cork. A simple and elegant way to pop your favourite bottle of bubbles without any flying corks. 
RRP $99.95 | Find out more

Champagne preserver 5. The ideal gift for the sparkling lover 
Keep your open bottle of sparkling wine in peak condition for weeks with the Zzysh Champagne preserver. Using innovative technology, it retains the wine’s aromas, flavour, quality and – importantly – bubbles. It works by injecting a combination of 100 per cent food-safe argon gas with carbon dioxide into the bottle to repressurise it.  
RRP $179.95 | Find out more

Wine preserver 6. Enjoy your favourite bottle over weeks 
Prevent open wine from oxidising with the Zzysh preserver, which helps to retain its natural flavour and quality for weeks. The Zzysh Argon Wine Preserver works by injecting food-safe argon gas into the bottle to remove oxygen. Enveloped by the gas and shielded by the innovative Zzysh® Wine Stopper, the wine stays protected. As argon is heavier than the replaced air and has no reaction with wine, the bottle’s aroma, flavour, colour and quality are preserved so you can enjoy your favourite bottle by the glass over the course of a few weeks. 
RRP $179.95 | Find out more 

Boyd and Co sells to wine lovers all over Australia and New Zealand, as well as wineries, cellar doors, wine merchants, restaurants and wine lovers. For all details, visit