Wine Submission Process

This page is intended for wineries only. It outlines the process to follow for submitting wines for tasting. Please read this carefully before submitting your wines as our process has recently changed.

The Halliday Wine Companion is an independent wine review publication, assessing primarily Australian wines for an Australian and international readership each year. We are proudly transparent about our review process:

  • Wines are reviewed free of change to all Australian wineries
  • Wines are scored according to the standard 100-point system. Wines scored below 84 points will soon be listed online with the rating NR  
  • All wine reviews, regardless of score, exist on ad infinitum for our readers
  • Wines are reviewed once, unless a museum/cellar release.
  • Wineries are assigned annual star ratings, based on wine scores alone. There is no discretion applied and all wineries are treated the same
  • Award category winners are determined annually by the tasting panel, using the Borda Count method.  

Submissions are now open for the 2023 Halliday Wine Companion. The tasting panel are now reviewing wines year-round.

Reviews will be published throughout the year online with a selection of reviews also published in the annual Companion.

The details and requirements for submitting samples for the Halliday Wine Companion have changed in the last year, so we ask you to please read the following instructions carefully.

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Eligible wines
Wine information
Regional experts tasting panel
Can I send wines to more than one member of the tasting panel?
Awards judging
Tasting panel delivery details
Update your details

Eligible wines 

Only wines satisfying all of the following conditions are eligible for submission. Wines must be:

  • Finished wines – tank and barrel samples are not accepted
  • Made only from Australian grapes
  • Vinified in an Australian winery
  • Available for sale in Australia through a legitimate retail outlet (wine retailer, cellar door, restaurant, etc) – export-only wines are not eligible
  • Not retailers’ and restaurants’ own branded wines made by a third-party winery, unless the retailer/restaurant owns the vineyard/s
  • Not vintages that have previously been submitted to the Companion or your taster
  • One vintage per wine (the current/ future vintage), unless cellar/ museum release

Tasting notes will only be written and made available for wines that receive 84 points or above. They will appear on A selection of these will also be published in the Halliday Wine Companion book each year. We encourage submissions of wines that are highly likely to be in this category only.

Wine information

Please label the back of each bottle with the RRP. Each wine should be accompanied by a printed tech sheet (not a press release) limited to one page, with the following information:

  • Wine name, vintage and GI
  • Release date (if this wine is already available, please state that)
  • Relevant viticultural and vinification notes for each wine (see examples here)
  • Contact name, phone number and email address, or those of the winemaker

Lab labels (unlabelled samples) must include all of the following:

  • The full and complete name of the wine
  • Region/s (GI/s)
  • Alcohol
  • Release date if not yet available


Please send one bottle of each wine, two bottles if natural cork sealed. Please send samples in cardboard cartons with cardboard spacers between bottles. For ease of handling and environmental responsibility, please do not include any packaging other than cardboard spacers. Do not send:

  • Individually wrapped bottles
  • Polystyrene, Styrofoam, soft plastic, foam, packaging beans or inflatable packaging
  • Empty bottles
  • Newspaper

Please refer to each tasters' specific packaging instructions below.

Regional experts tasting panel

The Australian Wine Companion tasting team is Tyson Stelzer (chief editor), James Halliday, Ned Goodwin, Jane Faulkner, Jeni Port, Erin Larkin, Philip Rich and Dave Brookes. Each are respected tasters and writers in their own right, with a fantastic diversity of age, experience and gender. 

Please send samples to the designated taster for your region as below. 

Brands sourcing from multiple regions can make the choice to allocate samples to tasters based either on the GI of each wine individually, or on the location of the winery in which it is crushed. For instance, Henschke could send its Adelaide Hills wines either to the Barossa taster or to the Adelaide Hills taster. 

Large groups like Accolade and Treasury should submit samples to multiple tasters based on the GI of each wine or the locations of the wineries in which each of their brands are crushed. Arras, for instance, should be sent to the Tasmanian taster.

State Zone  Region  Taster 
South Australia

Barossa Barossa Valley
Eden Valley 
Dave Brookes

Mount Lofty Ranges
Adelaide Hills
Adelaide Plains 
Jeni Port
Clare Valley Erin Larkin
McLaren Vale Ned Goodwin
Langhorne Creek
Currency Creek
Kangaroo Island
Southern Fleurieu
James Halliday
Limestone Coast  Robe
Mount Benson
Mount Gambier 

Erin Larkin

Lower Murray Riverland
Far North Southern Flinders Ranges 
Peninsulas Southern Eyre Peninsula
Victoria Port Phillip
Mornington Peninsula
Macedon Ranges
Jane Faulkner
Geelong Jeni Port
Yarra Valley Philip Rich
Central Victoria Bendigo
Nagambie Lakes
Goulburn Valley
Strathbogie Ranges
Upper Goulburn
Jeni Port
North East Victoria Rutherglen
King Valley
Alpine Valleys
Western Victoria  Grampians and Great Western
North West Victoria Murray Darling
Swan Hill 
Gippsland Gippsland Jane Faulkner
New South Wales Hunter Lower Hunter Valley
Upper Hunter Valley
Ned Goodwin
Central Ranges Mudgee
Southern New South
Jane Faulkner
Big Rivers Riverina
Ned Goodwin
South Coast Shoalhaven Coast
Southern Highlands
Northern Rivers  Hastings River
Northern Slopes New England
Western Plains Western Plains
Western Australia  South West Australia Margaret River
Great Southern
   Frankland River
   Mount Barker

Blackwood Valley
Erin Larkin
Greater Perth Swan
Perth Hills
South East Coastal South East Coastal 
Tasmania Northern Tasmania Northern Tasmania  Tyson Stelzer 
Southern Tasmania Southern Tasmania
East Coast East Coast
Queensland Queensland Granite Belt
South Burnett
Darling Downs
Coastal and Hinterland

Tyson Stelzer

Northern Territory Northern Territory Northern Territory


The following wineries are requested to send samples as follows, as a result of personal or commercial relationships with the taster for their region:

Picardy Dave Brookes
Marri Wood Park Dave Brookes
Frankland Estate Philip Rich
Yelland & Papps Erin Larkin
Hutton Vale Erin Larkin

Can I send wines to more than one member of the tasting panel?

Many wineries already send samples to members of the tasting panel to review for other publications. You are of course welcome to continue to do so, according to arrangements that you have in place with each taster. 

The samples sent to your Halliday regional specialist should be addressed to ‘Halliday Wine Companion’. Only the taster designated to your region will review your wines for the Companion. 

Samples sent to other tasters in the panel will not be reviewed for the Halliday Wine Companion. If you fail to send samples to your designated regional specialist, you will miss out on inclusion in the Companion.

Awards judging

Judging of the Halliday Australian Wine Companion Awards is conducted by the full tasting panel in March each year. The panel will gather to select the winners under each category from the top wines put forward by each regional specialist. True to the history and spirit of the Companion, wines will not be judged blind but considered in the context of their full identity, winery, region, vintage, history and pedigree. Wineries shortlisted for the awards tasting will be contacted for samples.

Tasting Panel Delivery Details

Please refer to the wine information and packaging details (as above) for full requirements for wine information and packaging. 

Taster Address Contact Instructions
Tyson Stelzer
Halliday Wine Companion
c/o Wine Press
14 Andrea Street Tarragindi QLD 4121
Phone: 0402 821 230
Delivery instructions:
Authority to leave at rear sliding door if premises is unattended.

Specific instructions for samples sent to Tyson:
Please send samples in six of twelve bottle cartons and avoid using single and double packs.
Please refer to the wine information and packaging details (as above) for full requirements. 

Erin Larkin

Halliday Wine Companion
22a Joslin Street (back house)
Hilton WA 6163
Phone: 0402 560 196
Specific instructions for samples sent to Erin:
Please send samples in six or twelve bottle cartons. 
Please refer to the wine information and packaging details (as above) for full requirements.
Jeni Port Halliday Wine Companion
91 Buckingham Drive
Heidelberg VIC 3084 
Phone: 0412 886 695
Delivery instructions:
Please leave an 'ok to leave' note to leave the wines on the front doorstep.

Specific instructions for samples sent to Jeni:
Please send samples in six bottle cartons.
Please refer to the wine information and packaging details (as above) for full requirements.
Ned Goodwin MW Halliday Wine Companion
c/o Jazushi
145 Devonshire Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Phone: 0449 614 588
Specific instructions for samples sent to Ned:
Please send samples in six or twelve bottle cartons.
Please refer to the wine information and packaging details (as above) for full requirements.
Jane Faulkner Halliday Wine Companion
c/o Kennards Self Storage
138 Salmon Street
Port Melbourne VIC 3207
Phone: 0409 232 996
Delivery instructions:
Please ensure wine is delivered during business hours only, as there is nowhere to safely leave wine if delivered early or after hours.

Specific instructions for samples sent to Jane:
For samples of six bottles or more, please send in a six-bottle carton or two boxes, not a twelve-bottle carton. If less than six bottles are being sent, preference is for two-pack or three-pack cardboard boxes with no plastic.
Please contact Jane immediately if there is an issue with sending wine on time. 
Please refer to the wine information and packaging details (as above) for full requirements.
James Halliday Halliday Wine Companion 2023
31a Maddens Lane
Coldstream VIC 3770
Email:  Specific instructions for samples sent to James:
Please send samples in six bottle cartons. 
Please refer to the wine information and packaging details (as above) for full requirements. 
Philip Rich Halliday Wine Companion
98 Rose Street
Fitzroy VIC 3065
Phone: 0419 009 385
Delivery instructions:
Authority to leave on front porch on the left hand side near the giant rosemary bush.

Specific instructions for samples sent to Philip:
Please send samples in six or twelve bottle cartons.
Please refer to the wine information and packaging details (as above) for full requirements. 
Note: Dave Brookes’ planned October tasting in the Barossa has been cancelled. Please send wines to Dave’s home as soon as they are ready. Late-bottled wines (only) will hopefully be tasted in the region in February.

Dave Brookes Halliday Wine Companion
218 High Street
Lismore Heights NSW 2480
Phone: 0472 548 212
Delivery instructions:
If no one is home, please open the side gate and leave cartons undercover on the back verandah.

Specific instructions for samples sent to Dave:
Please send samples in six or twelve bottle cartons.
Please refer to the wine information and packaging details (as above) for full requirements.

Update your details

If you need to submit corrections to your winery's entry in the Companion (both the website and the 2023 book), you can do so via this link. Please only fill in the fields that require corrections.

If you would like to receive reminders about submissions, please ensure that we have your correct contact details. These can be updated using the same link above. 


Please direct any queries to your taster or to Emily Lightfoot or Tyson Stelzer:

Emily Lightfoot 
Tasting Manager 
Phone: (03) 8520 6403  

Tyson Stelzer 
Chief Editor 
Phone: 0402 821 230