Wine Education

Find information on everything from wine storage and cellaring to drink-by dates and how to interpret them. If you need a head start, check out our guide to using the Wine Companion.

Get to know wine in 10 steps

So, you’ve caught the wine bug and want to know more. We'll guide you through what comes next in just 10 steps.

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Wine EducationWine Encyclopedia

Over the past 40 years James Halliday has accumulated an incredible distillation of knowledge. Learn all the wine terms you'll ever need to know with the Wine Encyclopedia.

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Wine EducationWine Storage & Cellaring

The essentials of wine storage remain the same, though the sweeping impact of the screwcap must now be considered. James Halliday guides us through the ins and outs.

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Wine EducationInterpreting drink-by dates

At one time in the dim, distant past I attempted to give a drinking span for wines, some long, some short.  I found, however, that the commencing date of the span was almost always within a year or two of the release date.  But even that system had to deal with the implied drink by date, which is as long as a piece of string.

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Wine EducationVarietal Wine Styles and Regions

For better or worse, there simply has to be concerted action to highlight the link between regions, varieties and wine styles. So here is an abbreviated summary of those regional styles (in turn reflected in the Best of the Best lists).

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Wine varietiesHow to explore pinot noir

Pinot noir is the doyen of the lighter red wine grapes. Some consider that it makes the world’s best wines, full stop. James Halliday walks us through one of his favourite wine styles.

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Wine EducationWhen should I drink this wine?

This is possibly the most commonly asked of all questions. I will attempt to provide answers, but first I must emphasise that personal preference means some tasters enjoy young wines and others old wines.

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Wine EducationAlcohol content in red wines

There has been much discussion about the rising levels of alcohol in Australian red wines. Embedded in the discussion are a number of questions. What do we mean by high alcohol? How widespread is it? What is its cause? Does it need to be controlled? And if so, how?

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