Meet the Winemaker

We talk to some of Australia's most interesting and successful winemakers about their professional journey.


Following a successful 10-year stint at Bannockburn in Victoria, and two decades in Australia, Kiwi winemaker Michael Glover is returning to his roots in Nelson, New Zealand.

Meet Michael

Punch WineryJames Lance

The 2009 Victorian bushfires could have been the end for Yarra Valley winery Punch, but six years later, the wines under James Lance’s watch are superb.

Meet James

Henschke WinesJohann Henschke

Johann Henschke has travelled a long way to find his way home to the family business.

Meet Johann

William Downie WinesWilliam Downie

William Downie

William Downie may be renowned as a master of pinot noir, but he doesn’t care much for this claim. We check in with the terroir-driven winemaker to learn why.

Meet William

Pooley WinesAnna Pooley

Anna Pooley

Industry insiders have regarded the wines and vineyards of Tasmania’s Pooley Wines as exceptional for years. Now led by third-generation Anna Pooley, it’s about to move up a gear.

Meet Anna

Larry Cherubino WinesLarry Cherubino

Larry Cherubino - Meet the Winemaker

There’s a lot more to wine than numbers, but the ones attached to Larry Cherubino’s are so impressive they need to be noted up front. 

Meet Larry

Domaine ChandonDan Buckle

Dan Buckle

Winemaker Dan Buckle had the quality of Mount Langi Ghiran’s reds soaring when, dramatically, he quit to make sparkling wine at Domaine Chandon in Victoria’s Yarra Valley.

Meet Dan

By Farr WinesNick Farr

Nick Farr

Nick Farr's reputation - as winemaker at both Farr Rising and By Farr - is growing at great speed. But there's more to this young winemaker than first meets the eye. 

Meet Nick

Vasse FelixVirginia Willcock

Virginia Wilcock

Vasse Felix winemaker Virginia Willcock is a force to be reckoned with and you can almost taste it in the wines. She's now set herself the crusade of bringing the estate's wines back home.

Meet Virginia

Cape MentelleRob Mann

Rob Mann

Rob Mann’s grandfather – legendary Australian winemaker Jack Mann – was a great lover of cabernet sauvignon and the creator of the groundbreaking Houghton’s White Burgundy. 

Meet Rob

The Story WinesRory Lane

Rory Lane

In 2004, Rory Lane handcrafted a batch of wine in his garage - and it turned out fantastic. Under his label The Story, he's been making ‘architecturally designed' wines ever since, to increasing acclaim.

Meet Rory

Mitchelton WineryTravis Clydesdale

Travis Clydesdale

The Mitchelton winery has been a hot topic in winemaker Travis Clydesdale’s family for as long as he can remember. Now he’s about to oversee its rejuvenation.

Meet Travis

Sami-OdiFraser McKinley

Fraser McKinley

Fraser McKinley is carving his own innovative winemaking path with his Sami-Odi label among the traditions and heritage of the Barossa Valley.

Meet Fraser

Howard Park WinesJanice McDonald

Janice McDonald

When Howard Park Wines and winemaker Janice McDonald joined forces this year, the news sparked controversy and excitement. With a long list of accomplishments, we ask her what's next.

Meet Janice

Mount PleasantGwyn Olsen

Picture this: it’s vintage in the Hunter Valley and the Mount Pleasant winery is ablaze with winemaking activity. Grapes arrive constantly, all night and all week.

Meet Gwyn

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