Collector Wines

New South Wales | Canberra District

James' Review

Owner and winemaker Alex McKay makes exquisitely detailed wines, bending to the dictates of inclement weather on his doorstep, heading elsewhere if need be. He was part of a talented team at Hardys' Kamberra Winery, and when it was closed down by Hardys' new owner CHAMP, decided to stay in the district. He is not known to speak much, and when he does, his voice is very quiet. So you have to remain alert to appreciate his unparalleled sense of humour. No such attention is needed for his wines, which are consistently excellent, their elegance appropriate for their maker. Exports to The Netherlands and Japan.


Winemaker Alex McKay
Established 2007
Dozens 3000
Vineyards (area) N/A
Opening Hours Not
Address 12 Bourke Street, Collector, NSW 2581 (postal)
Telephone (02) 6116 8722