New South Wales | Riverina

James' Review

The fairytale success story for Casella, gifted the opportunity to establish yellow tail as a world brand overnight by Southcorp withdrawing the distribution of (inter alia) its best selling Lindemans Bin 65 Chardonnay in the US, is now almost ancient history. yellow tail will remain the engine room for Casella well into the future, but it has now moved decisively to build a portfolio of premium and ultra-premium wines through its acquisition of Peter Lehmann in 2014; and then Brand's Laira winery, cellar door and the use of the brand name from McWilliam's in '15 - McWilliam's had invested much time and money in expanding both the vineyards and the winery. The Peter Lehmann and Brand's Laira brands will transform the future shape of Casella's business. In December '17 Casella Family Brands purchased Baileys of Glenrowan. The fact that Casella now has over 3000ha of vineyards spread across Australia is a case of putting its money where its mouth is. It is second only to Treasury Wine Estates in export sales (by value), followed by Pernod Ricard and Accolade. Exports to all major markets.


Winemaker Alan Kennett, Frank Mallamace
Established 1969
Dozens 12.5 million
Vineyards (area) 3000 ha
Opening Hours Not
Address Wakely Road, Yenda, NSW 2681
Telephone (02) 6961 3000