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James' Review

Red Deer Station is owned by the Swan Wine Group, with a small 0.5ha vineyard in Tanunda. It draws mainly on grapes from the Riverland and Southeastern Australia, the latter which may or may not have the Riverina as an additional source of wine. The business focuses on exports, with sustainability one of its selling points via a tree-planting program in Kenya linked to sales of wines. Exports to Canada, Sweden, Singapore, China and NZ.


Every wine needs a story and ours is about my shared passion for the environment and wine. Every day I try to give a little more than I take from this world. At Red Deer Station (RDS) we strongly believe in sustainability and wine with a conscience.

Winemaking is a thirsty business that uses precious resources to produce the drink that gives us so much pleasure. As a winemaker I am always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

Among the initiatives we are adopting are lighter and more environmentally friendly bottles, recycled packaging, renewable energy, water recycling, vineyard mulching & composting, minimising pesticide use, limiting transport movements and creating carbon offsets.

Long before being carbon-neutral was ‘cool’ and gaining formal certification gave you street ‘cred’ the Dal Broi family had planted 6,000 native trees across the Red Deer Station vineyard by 1995. Unfortunately as the wine glut sweep the globe, the brand was passed between successive companies and forgotten about.

In 2010, I came across a bottle of Red Deer Station and fell in love with a single sentence on the back label, “Dedicated To Nature”. It has taken 3 years for Red Deer Station to be revived under my stewardship, accumulating with the launch in Oct 2013 of our "inaugural" vintage ‘2012'.

Today we support a broader cause by creating environmental projects around the globe. We now offset our carbon emissions as an early advocate and ongoing partner of For every case of Homestead & Vineyards wines purchased, we plant 5 trees on your behalf.

I am committed to reducing our impact on the environment and recognise there is a lot more we can do to achieve this. I invite you to follow The DEER and see our dedication as we undertake further initiatives towards environmental sustainability.

It is clear that as the Australian wine industry grows, steps need to be taken to reduce the industry's carbon footprint. If we are to sell our wines internationally based on the beauty of this country, our sustainable practices and green credentials then let's act.

Consumers, retailers and restaurants can all play a part by supporting producers who are doing their bit for the environment. Drinking just one bottle of RDS can have such a positive effect on the world we live in.

You have never had a better reason to have another glass.

James-Paul Marin
Winemaker & Owner


Winemaker Paul Heinicke
Established 1991
Dozens 10 000
Vineyards (area) 0.5 ha
Opening Hours By appt
Address 218 Murray St, Tanunda, SA 5352
Telephone 0404 988 625