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James' Review

The Dexter (Todd and Debbie) and Bird (Ian and Ruth, David and Marie) families have been making or selling wine for over 30 years. They were holidaying in the picturesque vineyards and ancient Bastide villages of southwest France when they decided to do something new that was all about fun: fun for them, and fun for the consumers who bought their wines, which would have a distinctive southern French feel to them. The prices are also friendly, bistros one of the target markets. The business is obviously enjoying great success, production up from 3500 dozen to its present level off the back of expanded export markets. Exports to the UK, the US, Norway, Sweden and Poland.


Winemaker Tod Dexter
Established 2010
Dozens 8000
Vineyards (area) N/A
Opening Hours Not
Address PO Box 1465, Warrnambool, Vic 3280
Telephone (03) 5561 7422