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Until Bruce Clugston and Fiona White sold their Gotham and Wine Men of Gotham brands, Wineinc was simply a holding company for their interests. They have started again, and we learn that in his younger years, Bruce was a mathematician - thus the nod to the work of Benoit Mandelbrot, through whom mathematic algorithms became art, hence Fractal art and the Fractal label. This is the label for regional and varietal links,thus Barossa Valley shiraz, Coonawarra cabernet sauvignon,Yarra Valley chardonnay and Adelaide Hills sauvignon blanc. The Abstraction label is limited to SA shiraz and chardonnay, both targeted at the seemingly impossible $5 per bottle market. Oh, and there is the Mastermind brand that was left over from the sale of Gotham.


This winery is now closed.

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