Hersey Vineyard

South Australia | Adelaide Hills

James' Review

The Hersey Vineyard was established by Ursula Pridham, Australia's first female qualified winemaker, and was run organically and biodynamically long before it became fashionable. However, years passed, and it was largely abandoned before the Hersey family (led by Jono Hersey) purchased the vineyard in early 2013 - but had to spend a year rescuscitating the vines. Even then the yields for 2015 and '16 were pathetically low, with only 1.2 tonnes from 3.5ha of chardonnay. The 10ha vineyard is separated into five parcels sprawled across 52ha of forest, scrub and paddocks, all with different aspects. Pinot gris, syrah and merlot are purchased from Adelaide Hills' vineyards, while soil preparation is underway, in order to plant gamay and syrah in the near future.


Winemaker Damon Koerner
Established 2014
Dozens 2000
Vineyards (area) 10 ha
Opening Hours Not
Address 1003 Main Street, Hahndorf, SA 5245 (postal)
Telephone 0401 321 770
Website N/A