Rusty Bike Wines

South Australia | Adelaide Hills

James' Review

Michael Goulden persuaded his wife Lesley that it's possible to fit in winemaking on a (small) commercial scale with full-time work in medical science and family. The name Rusty Bike came after consuming a few glasses of wine and looking at an old rusty bike leaning on their garden fence. If you look at the website, the bike is indeed very rusty. Michael is a self-taught winemaker, relying on trusty mates to hand-pick the grapes and help with the winemaking and bottling when the time comes. He is always looking for small amounts of grapes from well run vineyards to buy, and the sources do vary somewhat from year to year.


Winemaker Michael Goulden
Established 2010
Dozens 400
Vineyards (area) N/A
Opening Hours Not
Address 27 Range Road South, Houghton, SA 5131
Telephone 0420 841 404