Lindeman's (Coonawarra)

South Australia | Coonawarra

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Lindeman’s Coonawarra vineyards have assumed a greater importance than ever thanks to the move towards single-region wines. The Coonawarra Trio of Limestone Ridge Vineyard Shiraz Cabernet, St George Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon and Pyrus Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Malbec are all of exemplary quality. -JAMES HALLIDAY


Lindeman’s is a story of 170 years of continued entrepreneurship anchored in the Hunter Valley under the Australian sun. Lindeman’s remarkable global popularity has been driven by the simple and personal philosophy of Dr Henry Lindeman who established Lindeman’s vines in the Hunter Valley in 1843. Dr Lindeman’s philosophy was that “the one purpose of wine is to bring happiness”, which still inspires Lindeman’s today.

While Lindeman’s was established in the Hunter Valley, it was an early pioneer of cross-regional sourcing and the Lindeman’s portfolio showcases a broad range of Australian and international regions including wines from the Hunter Valley, Coonawarra and south-eastern Australia.

Lindeman’s is one of Australia’s pioneering wine brands and one of the first wineries established in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales. Lindeman’s was the first Australian wine to be exported and is loved around the world and enjoyed in more than 22 countries, with the coveted position as the number-one-selling Australian wine in four countries: Norway, Sweden, Canada and Netherlands.

Perfect for everyday moments, yet equally worthy of an occasion, Lindeman’s immensely popular wines are approachable and accessible, with an unfailing record of consistent quality and timeless appeal.
Lindeman’s wines are made to be opened, enjoyed with generosity and inspire connection with friends and family, whether it’s reconnecting with a loved one at the end of a busy day, taking a moment to appreciate the small things or simply looking on the brighter side of life.

Today, the Lindeman’s portfolio includes the Hunter Valley wines, the highly regarded Coonawarra Trio, the innovative lighter in alcohol and calorie range Lindeman’s Early Harvest, Cawarra and the award-winning Lindeman’s Bins Series, found in 22 countries and millions of homes around the world.


Winemaker Brett Sharpe
Established 1965
Dozens NFP
Vineyards (area) N/A
Viticulturist N/A
Opening Hours Not
Address Level 8, 161 Collins Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000 (postal)
Telephone 1300 651 650