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South Australia | McLaren Vale

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It's impossible to do justice to the fast-moving complexity of Phil and Nina Tabor's Blewitt Springs Estate in the confines of this summary. Briefly, Phil's design engineering business in Adelaide became the subject of a bidding war between two suitors in 2008; the deal completed at the top of the market. In '13 he worked his first vintage in McLaren Vale and found a mentor in the well known Phil Christiansen. In '15 he purchased the 40ha Blewitt Springs Estate Vineyard, with 7.3ha of shiraz planted in three blocks in 1998, 2005 and '08. First he designed and built the 40t winery, completed in time for the bumper vintage of '17. He had agreed to sell 30t, assuming it would leave him with 8-10t, and swapped/purchased grenache and hatfuls of other varieties. In fact, he was left with 26t, the fermenters full to overflowing. Things returned to normal and 80% of the fruit is sold each year. Concurrently he had begun the cellar door building, renovated a stone bungalow and begun a new house for Nina and him to live in, leaving the bungalow as a luxury B&B. Phil is a hands-on operator and has every intention of doing much of the winemaking and viticulture himself. He has made space in the winery for other winemakers to make one-off wine, and he has learnt by seeing what (and why) they do. The key, however, is his belief in cool fermentation of his red wines, and he won't be changing that.


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Shiraz, grenache, Tempranillo, Mourvèdre

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The McLaren Vale Hotel and Bottle Shop, The Salopian Inn


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Winemaker Phil Tabor
Established 2017
Dozens 500
Vineyards (area) 7.3 ha
Opening Hours By appointment only
Address 477 Blewitt Springs Road, Blewitt Springs, SA 5171
Telephone 0402 106 240