Thachi Wines

South Australia | Riverland

Our Review

Tandou was part of a diversified public company which has 17 000ha of land 142km southeast of Broken Hill, 50km from Mildura. It established 450ha of vineyard and built a 21 000-tonne capacity winery, but expected sales in the US did not materialise, and in May 2007 the Indian wine producer Indage Vintners purchased the wine business outright, thereafter buying the 90 000-tonne capacity Loxton winery from Australian Vintage Limited (the renamed McGuigan Simeon). The new group has been renamed Thachi Wines.


Winemaker Stuart Auld, John Lempens
Established 2001
Dozens 30 000
Vineyards (area) N/A
Opening Hours Mon-Fri 10-4
Address Nixon Road, Monash, SA 5342
Telephone (08) 8583 6500