Anna's Vineyard

South Australia | Southern Eyre Peninsula

James' Review

Anna and Hagen Stehr have established a micro-vineyard on the southernmost tip of the Eyre Peninsula, overlooking Prosper Bay near Port Lincoln. Viticulture has been carried out on a no-holds-barred organic basis, with no sprays of any type. They hark back to the foundation days of Botobolar in Mudgee, with a camomile, powdered milk and nettle brew to apply to the vines, backed up by planting garlic, basil and marigolds around the vineyard to protect from disease. Exports to the UK.


Winemaker David O'Leary, Simon Greenleaf
Established 1997
Dozens 250
Vineyards (area) 0.6 ha
Opening Hours Not
Address PO Box 158, Port Lincoln, SA 5606
Telephone (08) 8621 2900