Brook Eden Vineyard

Tasmania | Northern Tasmania

James' Review

At 41? south and an altitude of 160m, Brook Eden is one of the coolest sites in Tasmania, and represents ?viticulture on the edge'. While the plantings remain small (1ha pinot noir, 0.8ha chardonnay and 0.3ha pinot gris), yield has been significantly reduced, resulting in earlier picking and better-quality grapes.


Brook Eden is a small, family-owned, organically managed vineyard. It is ideally situated for viticulture at latitude 41 degrees 09’south. The vineyard is sited along an ancient ridge of deep, gravelly, well-drained, volcanic soil, which runs down to Pipers Brook on one side of the ridge and a spring-fed, native wetland on the other. First plantings commenced in 1988, mainly Pinot Noir, together with Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, and more recently Lagrein.


Winemaker Winemaking Tasmania
Established 1988
Dozens 1000
Vineyards (area) 2.1 ha
Opening Hours 7 days 11-5 Sept-May
Address 167 Adams Road, Lebrina, Tas 7254
Telephone (03) 6395 6244