House of Arras

Tasmania | Northern Tasmania

James' Review

The rise and rise of the fortunes of the House of Arras has been due to two things: first, the exceptional skills of winemaker Ed Carr, and second, its access to high quality Tasmanian chardonnay and pinot noir. While there have been distinguished sparkling wines made in Tasmania for many years, none has so consistently scaled the heights of Arras. The complexity, texture and structure of the wines are akin to that of Bollinger RD and Krug; the connection stems from the 7-15+ years the wines spend on lees prior to disgorgement.


The House of Arras was established by Australia's most awarded sparkling winemaker, Ed Carr, with the intention to craft world-class sparkling wines. Carr sources fruit from a handful of outstanding vineyards in southern Tasmania and on Tasmania's south-east coast. Each location bestows its own nuances of character on Chardonnay and Pinot Noir fruit.

Many individual parcels are woven together to create the final blend, each bringing its own profound character to the complete wine. The art of blending sparkling wine is one that can only be mastered after years of experience, garnered by Ed Carr in his years-long winemaking journey.

The signature components of Arras wines are complexity and depth. From the EJ Carr Late Disgorged and Grand Vintage to the Blanc de Blancs and the Brut Elite, The House of Arras range embodies the philosophy of Ed Carr, to craft wines with complexity and character, and that express their age and their origin.


Winemaker Ed Carr
Established 1995
Dozens NFP
Vineyards (area) N/A
Opening Hours Monday - Friday from 11am-4pm, weekends from 10am-4pm
Address Bay of Fires, 40 Baxters Road, Pipers River, Tas 7252
Telephone (03) 6362 7622