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After working as a winemaker for Petaluma, Peter Dredge moved to Tasmania in 2009, spending 7 years within the Accolade group, becoming chief winemaker at Bay of Fires. He moved proactively to become a consultant and self-employed winemaker, to shortcircuit the uncertainty then existing around Accolade and its future. In '15 he sourced a small amount of pinot noir from Joe Holyman of Stoney Rise and Gerald Ellis of Meadowbank to start his own label. He made the wine at Moorilla as a contract client with sole control of the winemaking process. In '15, during vintage, the Ellis family, owners of Meadowbank, approached Pete to form a partnership to relaunch Meadowbank. As part of the deal, Meadowbank have given Pete a sole lease arrangement to 1ha of pinot noir, 0.3ha of chardonnay and 0.2ha of riesling. Exports to the UK, the US and South-East Asia.


Winemaker Peter Dredge
Established 2015
Dozens 700
Vineyards (area) 1.5 ha
Opening Hours Not
Address 5 Cato Avenue, West Hobart, Tas 7000 (postal)
Telephone 0439 448 151
Website www.dr-edge.com