Henskens Rankin of Tasmania

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James' Review

Henskens Rankin of Tasmania was formally launched on 27 Nov 2017 to celebrate Ada Henskens' (Frieda's mother) birthday. Choice and consequence began its complicated course in 1999 when Frieda Henskens and David Rankin independently came to Tasmania. His subsequent contribution to the business has been (decidedly) peripheral: designated driver (was and is a non-drinker) and father of their growing family. Frieda's original occupation was in agriculture, diverting to viniculture in '06. By '09 she was working at Julian Alcorso's Winemaking Tasmania during vintage, and cellar duties at other times. In '10 Frieda and David purchased a small quantity of fruit to make a traditional method chardonnay-dominant sparkling wine that they envisaged would be long-lived. A blend of 70% chardonnay and 30% pinot noir was utilised for both the first two vintages. While David and Frieda have moved on to other employment, their partnership with Winemaking Tasmania has as its ultimate aim the production of 600 dozen bottles per year from an estate vineyard made in a small onsite winery.


Henskens Rankin of Tasmania
Winemaker Greer Carland, Frieda Henskens, Glenn James
Established 2010
Dozens 130
Vineyards (area) N/A
Opening Hours Not
Address PO Box 67, Sandy Bay, Tas 7005
Telephone (03) 6288 8508
Website www.henskensrankin.com