Moorilla Estate

Tasmania | Southern Tasmania

James' Review

Moorilla Estate was the second winery to be established in Tasmania in the 20th century, Jean Miguet’s La Provence beating it to the punch by two years. However, through much of the history of Moorilla Estate, it was the most important winery in the state, if not in size but as the icon. Magnificently situated on a mini-isthmus reaching into the Derwent River, it has always been a must-visit for wine lovers and tourists. Production is around 90 tonnes per year, sourced entirely from the vineyards around Moorilla and its St Matthias Vineyard (Tamar Valley). The winery is part of an overall development said by observers (not Moorilla) to have cost upwards of $150 million. Its raison d’être is the establishment of an art gallery (MONA) that has the highest atmospheric environment accreditation of any gallery in the southern hemisphere, housing both the extraordinary ancient and contemporary art collection assembled by Moorilla’s owner, David Walsh, and visiting exhibitions from major art museums around the world. Exports to the UK, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and China.


Moorilla is the longest continuously running vineyard and winery in Tasmania. Our vineyards are located at Moorilla, Derwent Valley and St Matthias, on the west bank of the Tamar River. Established by Claudio Alcorso in 1958, our vines have assisted in establishing many vineyards throughout Tasmania. The vineyard was purchased by David Walsh in 1995 and now also houses the Museum of Old & New Art (MONA), renowned for thought provoking art works and the annual Dark Mofo and Mona Foma festivals. Winemaker Conor van der Reest specialises in saturable wines that show texture, finesse and complexity. Moorilla Estate also recently acquired Domaine A vineyard, Coal River Valley.


Winemaker Conor van der Reest
Established 1958
Dozens 10 500
Vineyards (area) 15.36 ha
Opening Hours Wed-Mon 9.30-5
Address 655 Main Road, Berriedale, Tas 7011
Telephone (03) 6277 9900