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James' Review

Western District farmer Graham Jacobsson planted pinot noir on a steep north-facing slope in 1995. There are vertical slabs of shaley rock both under and on the surface, and the roots of the vines penetrate the fissures. With no top soil and a very windy, exposed site, the vineyard is basically devoid of diseases, and minimal vineyard intervention is needed. For some time Graham sold his grapes to Tomboy Hill, but since 2005 has made wine under his own label. Plantings include 1ha each of shiraz and pinot noir, and 0.5ha of viognier.


Winemaker Graham Jacobsson
Established 1995
Dozens 300
Vineyards (area) 2.5 ha
Opening Hours Not
Address 123 Georges Road, Cambrian Hill, Vic 3352 (postal)
Telephone (03) 5342 0307
Website N/A