Dirty Three Wines

Victoria | Gippsland

Our Review

The name originates from the three friends (and families) who decided to pool their talents in making and marketing wine. Marcus Satchell, Cameron McKenzie and Stuart Gregor are all well known in the nether world of small volume, high quality winemaking on the fringes of their real jobs. Stuart and Cam also had the distraction of Four Pillars Gin in Healesville, a fairtytale story of success in its own right. There's been a minor change in the name (adding ‘Wines') and an ownership change to Marcus and partner Lisa Sartori.


Winemaker Marcus Satchell
Established 2012
Dozens 2500
Vineyards (area) 4 ha
Opening Hours Thurs-Sun 11-5.30
Address 64 Cashin Street, Inverloch, Vic 3996
Telephone 0413 547 932
Website www.dirtythreewines.com.au