Mount Stapylton Wines

Victoria | Grampians

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Mount Stapylton’s vineyard is planted on the historic Goonwinnow Homestead farming property at Laharum, on the northwest side of the Grampians, in front of Mt Stapylton. In 2017 the vineyard lease was purchased from founder Howard Staehr by the Staehr family and is now being run as an addition to their mixed farming enterprise. -JH


Mount Stapylton Wines Premium Grampian and Yarra Valley Wines -JH


Winemaker Leigh Clarnette
Established 2002
Dozens 300
Vineyards (area) 1.5 ha
Viticulturist Robert Staehr
Opening Hours By appt
Address 1212 Northern Grampians Road, Laharum, Vic 3401
Telephone 0429 838 233