Hochkirch Wines

Victoria | Henty

James' Review

Jennifer and John Nagorcka have developed Hochkirch in response to the very cool climate: growing season temperatures are similar to those in Burgundy. A high-density planting pattern was implemented, with a low fruiting wire taking advantage of soil warmth in the growing season, and the focus was placed on pinot noir (5ha), with lesser quantities of riesling, chardonnay, semillon and shiraz. The Nagorckas have moved to certified biodynamic viticulture and the vines are not irrigated. Exports to Japan.


Winemaker John Nagorcka
Established 1997
Dozens 4000
Vineyards (area) 8 ha
Opening Hours 11-5 by appt
Address Hamilton Highway, Tarrington, Vic 3301
Telephone (03) 5573 5200
Website N/A