Rose Hill Estate Wines

Victoria | King Valley

Our Review

The Rose Hill vineyard, winery and house are all the work of Milawa cabinetmaker Stan Stafford. The house, using 150-year-old bricks from a former chapel, came first almost 30 years ago. Then came the vineyard, with merlot planted in 1987, and durif planted in 2002 to fill in the gaps where the merlot had died. Its a strange mix of bedfellows, but its easy to tell which is which. In 04 Jo Hale and Kevin de Henin purchased the estate. Jo had helped Stan in both vineyard and winery in the last few years while studying wine science at CSU, and working for Brown Brothers, Gapsted Wines and Sam Miranda; Kevin had also worked at many regional vineyards and wineries.


This winery is now closed.

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