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Chris Beach made his way into the wine industry after working in various farming pursuits; beef, dairy, orchards and tractor driving. Along the way there was also overseas travel and stints at snow resorts and in the building industry. However, the past 15 years have been spent in the vineyards and wineries of North East Victoria. He is currently working as a cellar hand at a Glenrowan winery, making his own wine under his own label in his down time. Grapes are bought in and all winemaking processes are performed by him. At first, his ‘winery' was a brick garage, but he is now happy to report that he has moved up in the world and is utilising a large tin shed. Grapes are fermented in half-tonne picking bins, hand plunged, basket pressed, and he says he prefers to follow a minimal approach as much as possible. -JENI PORT


Winemaker Chris Beach
Established 2011
Dozens 260
Vineyards (area) N/A
Viticulturist N/A
Opening Hours Not
Address 1185 Glenrowan-Boweya Road, Taminick, Vic 3675
Telephone 0427 701 017