Jardine Wines

Victoria | Pyrenees

James' Review

Col and Cynthia Jardine began the development of their 8.5ha vineyard in 1999, planting 4ha of shiraz, 3ha of cabernet sauvignon and 1.5ha of pinot noir. Col Jardine, who doubles up as viticulturist and winemaker, uses sustainable management practices, and limits the yield to no more than 2 tonnes to the acre.


Winemaker Colin Jardine
Established 1999
Dozens 600
Vineyards (area) N/A
Opening Hours W'ends public hols 11-5
Address 1 Mugsies Road, Moonambel, Vic 3478
Telephone (03) 5467 2376
Website www.jardinewines.com.au