Victoria | Rutherglen

James' Review

Scion was established by retired audiologist Jan Milhinch, who is a great-great granddaughter of GF Morris, founder of the most famous Rutherglen wine family. Jan has now handed the baton to son Rowland (Rowly), who continues to manage the vineyard - planted on a quartz-laden red clay slope to durif, viognier, brown muscat and orange muscat - and make the wines.


Scion’s vision is to produce premium wines guided by the creative and modern interpretation of traditional Rutherglen varietals. We grow and handcraft wines in small batches – from aromatic afternoon whites to elegant reds and delicate dessert wines. Scion is a progressive winery with a strong sense of its heritage – blending the simplicity and rawness of the old ways with a thoroughly modern vision. Self-taught winemaker Rowly Milhinch is a descendant of George Francis Morris, one of Australia’s most renowned vignerons of the mid-19th Century. Rowly’s passion was seeded in design school, where inspiring outcomes follow a creative process. Transitioning into the wine industry was a matter of understanding the nuances of viticulture to achieve creative winemaking outcomes. Today, our artisan wines truly express this journey from vine to bottle. Scion’s winemaking style represents modern Rutherglen, with an elegance inspired by France and good food. Scion /sy-on/: 1. the fusion of a new generation onto strong roots 2. the descendant of a notable family


Winemaker Rowly Milhinch
Established 2002
Dozens 2500
Vineyards (area) 3.2 ha
Opening Hours 7 days 10-5
Address 74 Slaughterhouse Road, Rutherglen, Vic 3685
Telephone (02) 6032 8844