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Victoria | Yarra Valley

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This is the busman's holiday for Oakridge chief winemaker David Bicknell and partner Nicky Harris (viticulturist). It is focused purely on chardonnay and pinot noir, with no present intention of broadening the range nor, indeed, the volume of production. Since 2014 all the grapes have come from Val Stewart's close-planted vineyard at Gladysdale, planted in 1988. The partners have leased this vineyard, which will become the total focus of their business. Since 2015 the wines have been labelled Applecross, the name of the highest mountain pass in Scotland, a place that David Bicknell's father was very fond of.


Winemaker David Bicknell
Established 2011
Dozens 7600
Vineyards (area) 2.5 ha
Opening Hours Not
Address 41 St Margarets Road, Healesville, Vic 3777
Telephone 0488 678 427