Pimba Wines

Victoria | Yarra Valley

Our Review

The owners are Ian, Matt and Alex Pattison, Pierre Van Der Heyde and Ben Hobson, who bring different skills and experience to the business, plus the all-important hand of Dylan McMahon, co-worker with Matt Pattison. There is as yet another unseen: the Syme on Yarra Vineyard, an extraordinary east-facing vineyard that is 30+ years old, and from which Coldstream Hills has purchased pinot noir for many years. The Pimba partners believe this is one of the great syrah sites in the Yarra Valley, under the care of one of Australia's best viticulturists, Stuart Proud. Pimba is a one-variety, one-purpose business, to prove that the syrah can show as much poise, purity and character as any other expression of syrah/shiraz across the globe. Time will tell how far Pimba wines can go.


Winemaker Dylan McMahon, Matt Pattison
Established 2015
Dozens 220
Vineyards (area) N/A
Opening Hours Not
Address 495 Parkinsons Road, Gladysdlae, Vic 3797
Telephone 0401 228 196
Website www.pimbawines.com.au