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Serrat is the family business of Tom Carson (after a 12-year reign at Yering Station, now running Yabby Lake and Heathcote Estate for the Kirby family) and wife Nadège. They have close planted (at 8800 vines/ha) 0.8ha each of pinot noir and chardonnay, 0.4ha of shiraz and a sprinkling of viognier. Most recent has been the establishment of an esoteric mix of 0.1ha each of malbec, nebbiolo, barbera and grenache. The vineyards are undergoing organic conversion. As well as being a consummate winemaker, Tom has one of the best palates in Australia and a deep understanding of the fine wines of the world, which he and Nadège drink at every opportunity (when they aren’t drinking Serrat). Viticulture and winemaking hit new heights with the 2014 Yarra Valley Shiraz Viognier named Wine Companion 2016 Wine of the Year (from a field of 8863 wines). Exports to Hong Kong and China.


The first one hectare of Serrat vineyard was planted in 2001 with Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Viognier and a hand full of Grenache vine. In 2002 a second block of one acre was planted with Shiraz and finally our last acre was planted in 2010 with a few unexpected variety of wich you will hear about later.
Our aim is to truly reflect the potential of the Serrat vineyard site in our wine. Therefore, we decided to plant at 8,800 vines/hectare, more than four timesthe average density.
Our vines carry only a few bunches each and on average it takes one vine to produce one bottle.
This is not a new vineyard management concept, but the way that the great vineyards of Europe have been managed for hundreds of years. But it is a lot of work!
We believe that each wine is a true representative of the site, the variety, the vintage and what we enjoy drinking.


Winemaker Tom Carson, Kate Thurgood
Established 2001
Dozens 1000
Vineyards (area) 3.5 ha
Opening Hours Not
Address 115 Simpsons Lane, Yarra Glen, Vic 3775
Telephone (03) 9730 1439