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This is the ambitious project of successful investment banker Stephen Wood. He has taken the best possible advice and has not hesitated to provide appropriate financial resources to a venture that has no exact parallel in the Yarra Valley or anywhere else in Australia. Six hectares of vineyards may not seem so unusual, but in fact he has assembled three entirely different sites, 70km apart, each matched to the needs of the variety/varieties planted on that site. Pinot noir is planted on the Steep Hill Vineyard with a northeast orientation and a shaley rock and ironstone soil. Cabernet sauvignon has been planted at Kangaroo Ground with a dry, steep northwest-facing site and abundant sun exposure in the warmest part of the day, ensuring full ripeness. Merlot, shiraz, chardonnay and viognier are planted at Upper Plenty, 50km from Kangaroo Ground. This has an average temperature 2°C cooler and a ripening period 2-3 weeks later than the warmest parts of the Yarra Valley.


At YarraLoch, our goal is to produce world class wines that stand apart from mainstream Australian wines for their elegance and complexity - wines which have a European feel to them.

To do this we produce the highest quality grapes through rigorous site selection, very low yields and hand picking with high natural acidity. We have also adopted a number of old world practices including the use of natural yeast, whole bunch pressing, extended whole berry maceration, minimal

racking and filtering and subtle use of only French oak.


Winemaker Contract
Established 1998
Dozens 2000
Vineyards (area) 6 ha
Opening Hours By appt
Address 11 Range Road, Gruyere Vi 3770
Telephone 0407 376 587
Website www.yarraloch.com.au