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Western Australia


Red wines are the key focus from the vineyards dispersed throughout the Central Western Australia Zone. 

Most of inland Central Western Australia Zone experiences semi-arid climate conditions with hot summers and minimal rainfall, but the vines defy extreme temperatures and produce exceptional fruit for full-bodied wines in particular. Boutique cellar doors offer an eclectic range of wines to taste with unique regional character including shiraz and cabernet sauvignon. Visitors travelling east from Perth can expect a six-hour drive to Kalgoorlie, Central Western Australia Zone, or a one-hour flight. 

James Halliday on Central Western Australia Zone

The Central Western Australia Zone stretches over 600 km in a north-south irregular sausage, with Perth (away to the west) slightly closer to the northern than the southern end.

Much is wheatbelt country, and the existence of the handful of vineyards show that viticulture is feasible in a strongly continental climate, with hot days and cold nights. The wines do not make their way out of the nearby towns.


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