Three Elms

Western Australia | Frankland River

Our Review

This venture is succession planning at its best. Merv and Judy Lange had a 1200ha wool and grain farm when, in 1971, they decided to plant a few vines as a possible diversification. They were the first to take this step in the Frankland River region and Alkoomi was born. My first visit in '81 was illuminating. They had all the viticultural equipment required, and needed no outside help in creating and progressively expanding the size of the vineyard or building an initially small winery. Roll forward to 2014 and Alkoomi is one of the Top 100 Australian Wineries in my book published that year, with 104ha of estate vineyards and annual production of 60 000 dozen. Four years earlier (in '10) they had handed ownership to daughter Sandy and husband Rod Hallett, who had been an integral part of the business for many years as they raised their three daughters Emily, Laura and Molly. In '17 Three Elms was established, its name taking the first letter of the name of each daughter. Laura obtained a Bachelor of Agribusiness, majoring in viticulture, from Curtin University in '15. Her sisters both have admin/marketing roles in the business and are both part of the management group of Three Elms. Exports to the US, Denmark, Singapore, Taiwan and China.


Three Elms is an acronym for Emily, Laura and Molly - Three sisters who have curated a wine that tells a story about their unity as a family and their upmost gratitude for the generations before them that showed them the way. We come from a rich history in the Frankland River region thus we have countless childhood memory’s growing up in a vineyard and winery. Encompassing the love and respect we have for the land on which the grapes are grown, Three Elms embraces the profound bond we have as a family and symbolises our
desire to create something beautiful."


Shiraz, Riesling, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon


Winemaker Laura Hallett
Established 2017
Dozens 8000
Vineyards (area) 44 ha
Opening Hours Not
Address 82 Riversdale Road, Frankland River, WA 6396
Telephone 0458 877 734