How to use the search on Wine Companion

The new search on Wine Companion makes it easier than ever to find the wines and wineries you are looking for and even discover the hidden gems in the Wine Companion. Please take a moment to learn about the features of the new site search and we're sure that you'll have an even better experience.


1. Choose wines / wineries / general

Choose wines, wineries or general

From the drop-down menu in the search bar, choose whether you'd like to search for wines, wineries or general (which includes articles and news).


2. Predictive Search

Start typing your search keywords into the search box. Wait a second or so and our predictive search will try and guess what you are looking for. The more you type, the more you will refine the results you are seeing (e.g. typing 'Penfolds Grange' will refine further than simly typing 'Penfolds'.

When performing a wine search, we'll try to predict the wine name you are looking for and in a winery search, we'll try and predict the winery name. Once you see the result you are looking for, simply click on the item to perform the search, or hit 'Search Now'

Try the new predictive search


3. Keyword search

Our new search will not only show you the right results when you are searching for a specific wine or winery name, it will also show you great results if you search for a variety (e.g. Cabernet Shiraz), a region + variety (e.g. Mornington Shiraz) or even just a region (e.g. Mornington Peninsula). Depending on how broad your search is, it may take a few seconds to run - there's a lot of data to process. For instance, a wine search on Hunter Valley returns over 5600 results.

To perform this search, simply choose wine / winery / general, type keywords into the search box and hit 'Search Now'.


4. Refine, sort and filter your results

Refine your search

Once you've perfomed a search, you can choose to either sort the results by A-Z, relevance or newest tasting note (plus rating and variety for site members).

Or you can filter your results using the options on the left of the search which allow you to refine your results by current book edition, winery, price & rating (for members), vintage, variety, price and region.


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