2022 Halliday Top Rated

Top Rated: Other Reds

By Halliday Wine Companion
Diversifying tastes and evolving climate are driving extensive experimentation with different varieties and blends, making this category an exciting and dynamic space – but also one riddled with lowlights to dodge. Stick with our highlights and you’re in more than safe territory! Our eleven nominees for the top gong represent eleven different varieties and blends, with a worthy winner that prompted its nominator Ned Goodwin MW to ask the question, ‘Why were we not planting this 100 years ago?’ Find out more about the winning wine below.

2019 SC Pannell Aglianico

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"A grape that I love as much as grenache. Almost. Not in terms of its pinosity melded with Mediterranean accents, but because of its unbridled ferruginous structure and Neapolitan air. Think Diego Maradonna in his prime. Bitter chocolate, cherry pith and amaro riffs. But the defining aspect is the long, thirst-slaking bind of palate-defining, tannic architecture. Australia has not traditionally done this. And here it is! Why were we not planting this 100 years ago?" – Ned Goodwin MW

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*This is an edited extract from the 2022 Halliday Wine Companion, with reviews by Jane Faulkner, James Halliday, Erin Larkin, Tony Love, Ned Goodwin MW, Jeni Port and chief editor Tyson Stelzer.

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